Alton WrightAfter turning 60, letting go of my ego and finally accepting that my hearing was problematic, I decided to secure a medical specialist that would fit my situation, high standards and desired value. After researching several local offices, as well as Bay Area providers, I settled on North State Audiological Services, headed up by Dr. Crystal Chalmers.

From my first informational-gathering phone call to my most recent check-in, I have been absolutely delighted by the extremely professional, sensitive, sincere, friendly and comprehensive experience.

Being challenged with hearing issues earlier in life, I was somewhat aware of the testing process, but their examination is very thorough – Questionnaires (both of the patient and with family members – Their philosophy: “Hearing loss is a family problem”), modern testing equipment, new technologies and life style analysis are just a few of the things you might experience.

Dr. Chalmers delivers the right balance of professional expertise with a good dose of honesty and grace. She tells it like it is and, for me, this was invaluable to help me quickly move beyond the stigma of wearing hearing aids and realizing how critical they are for living life fully. She’s sensitive to your specific situation, spending time to learn about you. You’ll also get to know her a little too. I believe she employs the notion that it takes a partnership to achieve one’s goal of hearing again.

Office visits are delightful. It’s a nice mix of casual fun and professionalism. The staff is there for you 1000%. They’re sincere, patient and instinctive. I never feel like a number or a patient in a cattle call. They all appear to really love their job and it really shows int he exceptional customer service they provide.

The package they offer is great – Lifetime this and that, along with annual perks – really heightened my “value button.” Hearing aids, good ones, are an investment. It’s critical that you get real value from your purchase and you’ll certainly receive it here.

Having my hearing returned to me has changed my life. This wouldn’t have been achievable without Dr. Chalmers and her team. In closing, I sum up my experience with North State Audiological Services as such: Dr. Chalmers and her team are life changing!

Thanks Guys!
– Alton Wright

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